Galle Fort

This historic Dutch fort is located just 17 km from the Hotel. The fort is a UNESCO world heritage site and was built during the Dutch colonization period in Sri Lanka. Walk along the cobblestone streets or sit by the ramparts of the fort, which overlook the ocean and the town, or take a picture by the historic lighthouse that still lights up the fort at night.

stunning coral reefs

Diving & Snorkeling

The hotel has a diving school located around the premises, and offers both PADI and UDI certifications. Experiencing the wonders of the stunning coral reefs and the shipwrecks located in Hikkaduwa, with the safety and assurance of the experienced instructors.

magical waves


One of the country’s best surfing beaches is just 1 km away from the hotel. Rent a surfboard from one of the many surf shops in the area, and ride the waves of Hikkaduwa, with the stunning landscape of the setting sun on the horizon.

amazing River Safari

Madu Ganga

Located just 20 km away from the Hotel, this river safari offers you the chance of seeing a number of different wonders of nature. The Madu River safari is famous for its unique mangroves located along the banks of the river.

thrilling ride

Whale Watching

The world’s largest mammals frequent the coastline of Sri Lanka, and you can now get the chance to see them in their natural habitat. You can either leave from Galle (17 km away) or from Mirissa (49 km away), and see this amazing mammals glide through the ocean.



There’s always something fun to do at Coral Rock by Bansei. Whether it’s the beach, the sea or just plain activities that will make your day, we can have everything prepared for you and your family.